Pregnancy care

I don't have a public or private antenatal clinic at The Townsville Hospital, but I cover obstetrics on-call and the Birth Suite a couple of days each week.

Unfortunately my opportunity for doing antenatal care is currently limited, but I do offer personal care on occasion.

My philosophy is that midwives are best equiped to provide most of the care you need when things are normal, and obstetricians are the right people to have around when things are not. This model means that you get the right expert looking after you when you need them. And both you and your baby benefit from that.

I appreciate that some people prefer obstetrician-only care and there are private providers who may be able to offer a more comprehensive package.

My maternity care is public (no fee) and it usually looks like this:

  • You book with both myself and a midwifery group practice (MGP) midwife who I work with. We share the care as is needed. If you are low risk, you'll likely see me only a few times and your midwife will provide most of your antenatal care.
  • MGP midwifery care means that you get a named midwife and there's a good chance that she'll not only do most of the antenatal visits, but be there for the birth too. I believe that having someone you know and trust around when you are in labour is very important.
  • If you're high risk or problems develop, I'll do more or most of the visits and look after you while you're in hospital.
  • I will give you contact details for non-urgent questions. First point of call for urgent concerns is usually your MGP midwife and she will know whether you need to come in or not, or who to speak to.
  • When you come in labour, your midwife will be there. If all goes normally, she will deliver your baby.
  • If there are problems in labour and I'm around, I'll be involved and deliver your baby if needed.
  • If a planned caesarean section is necessary, I will do it on my operating list - or if it's semi-urgent, try and fit the timing into when I'm available.
  • If you need emergency obstetric care and I'm not around, the on-call team will look after your, as normal. I trust my team. Unfortunately, my current workload means that I'm not able to provide 24/7 on-call for pregnancy and labour care.

Other options we have at the hospital include Birth Centre (low risk), and consultant shared care with MGP, antenatal clinic midwives or with your GP.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll point you in the right direction.

All the best,