Welcome to O&G

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Thanks for dropping by. Just a few words to say welcome to Obstetrics & Gynaecology - it's always exciting to have new members in our team. I put together these few pages because sometimes it's hard to meet face-to-face in the first week, and also because it's good to have somewhere to share the introductory links.

1. What is expected of me as an RMO in O&G?
A brief summary of what we are looking for from you, in terms of knowledge, clinical skills & judgment, communication, record keeping, team working and professionalism. I have outlined here the areas that we consider most important.

Beyond doubt the most successful people (and doctors) in life are those who cultivate good working relationships with those around them - colleagues and patients. An understanding of the (complex adaptive) systems in which we work, and the power that good team working brings will set you in good stead. And the rest will come so much more easily.

2. Why are you here?
I would like you to think about this during your time with us. Sure, you're here to learn, to help cure disease, insert cannulae and do discharge summaries. By why are you really here?

3. Empathic care every day
Sometimes when we are busy or tired or feeling jaded or burnt out, we can let our empathy slip. This is forgivable, but we all need to occasionally be reminded about what matters most to patients. Because only then will they return to good health.

Any questions or problems or suggestions during your time with us, please let me know :)